Helping you find the financial support for the accessible vehicle you require

Various Funding Bodies

Although we are located in Melbourne and Queensland, we work with many funding bodies all over Australia. Often there are different organisations responsible for funding vehicle conversions in different states, and since we have been in the industry for over 30 years, we have have experience working with them all. 

Reach out of to our team if you need any recommendations on possible funding options in your area. 


As a proud NDIS provider we have been building NDIS funded vehicles for our clients since the government scheme started in 2013.

NDIS has opened an abundance of opportunity for the mobility challenged, and with long standing relationships with some of the best Occupational Therapists in the country we can assist you in making the funding process as smooth as possible. If you meet the criteria for NDIS funding, typically they will cover the conversions costs on the vehicle but not the cost of the vehicle itself. The NDIS has more information regarding accessible vehicle modifications on their website.

Your Occupational Therapist (OT)

Engaging an OT is the first step on your journey to independence and a very important one. Your OT will be responsible for doing a thorough assessment, prescribing the necessary modifications for your vehicle to suit your needs and compiling the report to submit for the NDIS funding process.

There are many OTs across the country who specialise in driving as their area of expertise. If this is the step you are on in your journey and you need to find a suitable OT, then we recommend using Occupational Therapy Australia's website. It has a super helpful resource where you can search for OTs with driving as their area of expertise, in your area.

Our Assessment Process

The process of building your vehicle is a complex one, and we are here to guide you through, step by step to make it as smooth as possible.

At Capital, we understand that transport can be difficult. With our specialised fleet of trucks, we can bring a vehicle to your doorstep anywhere in the country. Alternatively, you can come to our well-appointed showrooms in Melbourne or Brisbane and peruse a large variety of vehicles and conversion types.

The assessment process gives us and your OT all the physical information needed to make crucial decisions on conversion options and driver adaptions that suit your exact situation. Once the assessment is complete we can then supply a quote to be included in your OT’s report for NDIS. Once your application is submitted we are here to assist NDIS with any queries or changes to make for a stress free experience. 


Capital has been serving TAC clients for over 25 years and have formed strong professional relationships with the vehicle modification specialists at the TAC. You can find out more about vehicle modifications from the TAC on their website here. 


Before the NDIS started in 2013 and changed the landscape for funding, fundraising for wheelchair accessible vehicles was once a primary method for individuals with mobility challenges to cover the costs of vehicle conversions.  

Yet, for those who don't meet NDIS criteria or require additional funding beyond what the scheme offers, traditional fundraising methods remain a valuable resource. Stories like Ryan Jan's fundraising journey serve as a powerful example of how communities can come together to support individuals with disabilities in their pursuit of accessible transportation. 

These efforts, which can include community events, crowdfunding campaigns, and corporate sponsorships to name a few, showcase the enduring community spirit in support of a great cause - mobility and independence for all.