Frequently Asked Questions

The short answer is no. We have a fleet of trucks allowing us to provide demonstrations all across Australia. So we can come to you.

However, if you can get to one of our showrooms we would highly, highly recommend it! You can browse our full range of vehicles, and also our full range of conversion types on display. We find our customers often have a much better understanding of all of their options when visiting our showroom.

Driver OTs are very valuable professionals who are a great help when purchasing a wheelchair accessible vehicle. If your conversion will be funded, then most likely an OT is required to submit the funding report to the insurer. Your OT will ensure that any medical needs are taken into account and they will make the necessary recommendations in their report. We highly recommend you work with a driver OT and there is a great resource on the OT Australia website which lists the location and contact details for OTs across Australia, with a specialty of driving.

We know this is one of the main questions you will have on this journey, how much does a wheelchair accessible vehicle conversion cost? There is no short answer to this, as each vehicle we make is completely custom to the specific needs of our customers. So the cost depends on the specifications you need and how you will be using the vehicle. Speak to our dedicated team who can provide you with an estimate.

No, but the wheelchair does need to be assessed for its size, strength and weight. A driver has to have a solid backrest and head rest to comply with vehicle rules and we have designed products that can make wheelchairs comply. A docking pin and docking device also needs to be fitted for safety.

We would like to say yes and so far that has been the case but with the variety of vehicles and models on the market we can only say call and ask to be certain. If we don’t know, we can find out and quote as applicable.

They are both popular in their own right. Side entry positives are it maintains the rear storage and gives you towing ability. Rear as it is often easier to park and can fit a longer wheelchair. Speak to our friendly team who can discuss the pros and cons of each entry option in depth, and you can work out the option which fits your needs best.

It comes down to the internal height required and door opening height. Capital's signature low floor technology provides ample headroom and space for manoeuvrability within the vehicle. A lowered floor also means wheelchair occupants travel at a lower centre of gravity, providing minimum body sway when cornering and maximum comfort. All this while maintaining the optimal viewing position intended for the vehicle. The brilliant design of the lowered floor maintains the prestigious style of the vehicle, from the outside you would never know it was a wheelchair accessible vehicle.

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