VW Multivan T6.1 - Long (Rear)

Rear Entry Conversion | Long Wheelbase

Our long wheelbase VW Multivan Rear entry offers unmatched conversion flexibility. Choose from front row self-drive, front passenger, second row or third row wheelchair positions. With 400mm of additional length compared to the short wheelbase, customisation possibilities are endless.

Your safety, comfort, and style are our top priorities. Our Multivans come equipped with secure wheelchair restraints, tracking, and a low incline ramp for easy access. The 4-corner airbag suspension ensures a smooth and comfortable ride, while our signature low floor technology provides an elegant accessible design. But that's not all! Explore our range of optional extras, including window tinting, custom seating configurations, driver controls, wheel and tyre packages, and/or automatic ramps. We can tailor the modification to your exact needs.

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  1. Maximum Interior Space With Our Signature Low Floor Technology.

  2. Capital’s Low Incline Ramp For Easy Access.

  3. 4 Corner Airbag Suspension For Enhanced Comfort & Height Adjustability.

  4. Low Roof For Easy Manoeuvrability.

  5. Self-Drive From Wheelchair & Front Row Passenger Options.

  6. 2nd Row Conversion Option Available.

  7. 3rd Row Conversion Option Available.

Standard Features:

  • Capital’s Trademark Low Floor Technology.
  • Capital’s Signature Low Incline Ramp.
  • Rear Entry Conversion Options - Front, 2nd & 3rd Row.
  • Wheelchair Restraints Tracking.
  • 4-Point Wheelchair Restraints Kit.
  • Slip Resistant Vinyl Flooring (Choice of 3 Colours).
  • Additional Trimming for Sound & Temperature Insulation.
  • 4 Corner Airbag Suspension for a Smooth Ride.
  • Fully ADR/A.S. Compliant & Certified.

Optional Extras:

  • Automatic Ramp.
  • Wheelchair Docking Device.
  • Driver Controls & Adaptations.
  • Custom Seating Configurations.
  • Window Tint for UV & Heat Protection.
  • Wheel & Tyre Upgrade Package.
  • Custom Tailgate & Ramp Lighting.
  • 240V Power Inverter.

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