Driver Adaptations
Steering Assistance

The most common vehicle accessibility adaptations are for steering assistance which help users who have limited hand mobility. We have a wide range of steering adaptations to cover all the solutions needed for our unique customers. Spinner knobs, the electric mini steering wheel and lightened power steering are just a few of these solutions.

Adaptation Information

Spinner Knobs

Our spinner knobs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, which aim to give you full operation and movement of the steering wheel. Our range includes standard spinner balls, tri-forks, single pegs and many more. Most come with a quick release function so you can remove and mount the steering adaptation easily.

This system consists of an Electronic Mini steering wheel with 4 secondary function buttons. There is also a range of orthopaedic steering aid attachments available to aid the driver in gripping the wheel. The wheel requires very little effort to turn it and can be adjusted to suit the individual's requirements. The Mini wheel is usually fitted in conjunction with an additional electric accelerator and brake system.

This system is operated by pushing the joystick to the left and right to steer. It can be adjusted so that only minimum effort is required to operate the system. The 2-way steering joystick can also be fitted in conjunction with the 2-way accelerator and brake joystick, or the gas/brake lever. It has secondary function buttons built in and the option of a fitted armrest.

If the weight of your power steering feels too heavy, having the power steering lightened can have considerable benefits. Capital can modify both gear and rack-type power steering systems to suit your strength and requirements.