Driver Adaptations
Secondary Function Controls

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Adaptation Information

Secondary Function Controls

This system allows people with restricted mobility to operate the secondary functions of a car safely with one hand. The Infrared keypad controls allow the user to operate up to 18 of the vehicle's secondary controls such as indicators, headlights, wipers, horn, etc. The handsets can mount onto either the accelerator/brake hand control or the vehicle's steering wheel with quick release mechanisms so they can easily be removed when necessary. A simple multifunction hand control may consist of 4 functions such as left/right indicator, horn and high beam and up to as many as 18 functions:

  • Indicators.
  • Lights dip/main & flash.
  • Horn.
  • Front wipers - intermittent, low & high speed.
  • Front washers.
  • Rear wash & wipe.
  • Headlights & sidelights on/off.
  • Front & rear fog lights.
  • Hazards.
  • Two spare functions (e.g. windows, heater).
  • Illumination function for night time use.

This modification allows for automatic gearbox control through light contact with a touch sensor keypad. The keys are back lit with elevated rims and the device can be freely positioned anywhere to provide ultimate convenience and ease-of-use for the driver. The device can also be programmed to initiate a keyless start.

Park brake operation may be difficult for drivers with reduced finger dexterity or limited strength in hands or arms. In these cases, there are two hand brake modifications available:

Handbrake Modification: For limited finger dexterity a simple lever can be used to eliminate the need to depress the release button and increased leverage on the handbrake. The shape and size of the lever is usually custom made to suit the operator's requirements.

Switch Operated Handbrake: For limited strength, an Electric Parking Brake is installed and at a simple push of a button the park brake is set with ease. The electric park brake is also usually required when driving from a wheelchair or powerchair. Conveniently located touch control has instant on/off switch and warning light.