Driver Adaptations

We have a wide range of seating adaptations available. Manual or electrically operated swivel seats. Electronically operated seats enabling forward and backward, upward and downward, and swivel movements. Lumbar supports. Seat cushion shape modifications. Reposition seats further back for drivers with longer legs or forward for shorter. Contact Capital friendly staff to discuss your requirements.

Adaptation Information

6-Way Power Seat Base

The 6-Way power seat base is a great option for the transfer driver or passenger. It moves backwards and forwards, left to right, and up and down to cover all the angels allowing the user to transfer into. The powered seat base is easily operated via remote. Safety is always top of mind for Capital, and this seat base has an emergency release to allow the driver to exit the vehicle in the unlikely event of power failure.

    Removable Seating Systems

    Our removable seating systems allow for great flexibility in your seating configurations. For example, if you want to drive from your wheelchair, we can have a removable seat in the drivers position so you can add the seat when you are not driving to give your carer or family/friend the ability to drive as well.

      Sill protectors are perfect for protecting door sills and paintwork when transferring from wheelchair to seat. Also when you have to load your wheelchair or equipment the sill protectors are a must to keep your vehicle looking fresh and new for as long as possible.