Vehicle Adaptations
Occupied Wheelchair Lifts

If your main requirement is to remain in the wheelchair when entering or exiting the vehicle from the side or rear, then an occupied lift is the solution you need. There are different types of occupied lift described below.

Adaptation Information

Cassette Lifts

Cassette style lifts attach to the underside of your vehicle and are operated via remote. A side entry is therefore the only entry type used for cassette lifts. Their discreet and slimline style, allow for more interior space in the vehicle since they are stowed on the underside your vehicle and do not take up any space inside.

We recommend regular servicing on cassette lifts to look after them correctly for the long term. Our team can help with more information and to see if your vehicle is suitable for this type of lift.

Linear style occupied lifts are another great choice, particularly when ramps is not a viable option. These lifts operate by extending a platform from the vehicle to the ground, allowing a wheelchair to be easily rolled on and off. They require minimal effort to use and are usually remote operated. They are also more flexible, in that they can be used on both rear entry vehicles and side entry. They are commonly used on our larger range of vehicles like the Mercedes Sprinter or Iveco Daily, as these vehicles have plenty of interior room to use for the linear lift which stored inside.

Their robust and reliable design, offer durability and safety. They are engineered to handle frequent usage and are capable of operating effectively in various weather conditions, making them a dependable solution for vehicle accessibility. Get in touch to find out more about our linear lift range for your vehicle.