Driver Adaptations
Foot Controls

Foot controls come in many different configurations and are usually tailor made for each individual's needs. Whether you have a temporary injury or a permanent disability, these adaptations offer alternative options for individuals who cannot use traditional hand controls. The left foot accelerator and pedal extensions are just two of the common foot control modifications we do here Capital Special Vehicles.

Adaptation Information

Left Foot Accelerator

The Left Foot Accelerator allows for operation of the accelerator and brake with the left leg. This device can be used by drivers with lack of functionality to the right lower limb. It changes the position of the accelerator pedal from the right to the left side of the brake pedal. This modification can be installed in cars with an automatic transmission or automatic clutch. There are three variants of this modification:

  1. 1. Quick Release Model: The left accelerator pedal is fixed on the car floor, while a pedal guard on the original accelerator pedal prevents its inadvertent use. It is quickly released to allow conventional driving when needed.
  2. 2. Flip Up Model: . A lever system transfers the accelerator pedal from the right to the left of the brake pedal. You can easily flip down the desired pedal for use while flipping up the one not in use.
  3. 3. Electronic Model: For vehicles fitted with electronic pedals (drive by wire) a second electronic pedal can be mounted on the left of the accelerator routed through an electronic switch box. When switched to the left pedal the right becomes inoperative and can be used as a foot rest.

Pedal Adaptations can either re-position, extend, raise or hinge the existing pedals. Adjustments can be made for distance, height and the desired space between pedals. For people of short stature, a second set of folding extension pedals can be mounted; these allow the pedal to be lowered into place and tucked away when not in use.

While you are learning to drive or adapting your driving to hand controls, a removable passenger brake pedal can be installed to your vehicle. Our instructor pedals are of a solid construction and are removable, have a user friendly operation for your driving instructor and the driver pedal operates as if no adaptation has been made.

The lightened brake modification optimises performance of the braking system by increasing pedal sensitivity. It's available for most cars, vans, 4-wheel drives and light trucks with factory power brakes. Experience more efficient stopping power with this brake adaptation which reduces the required pressure to apply to the brakes.