Driver Adaptations
Buttons, Levers & Adaptors

Adaptation Information

Gear Shift Levers

This adaptation is to aid the changing of gears, from park into reverse, neutral or drive.

Buttons and switches can be relocated or have secondary duplications mounted in a position to have easier reach or operation, this may be closer to the operator on the other side of the driver control area. Buttons or switches may be located so they can be used by feet, knees, elbows or head bump switches.

This adaptation extends the indicator and gives you a large range of movement. There is also an option to bring the lever to the opposite side of the steering wheel.

Some people have difficulty reaching or rotating the vehicle's ignition key. In some cases it can be relocated to a more convenient location, another solution may be a remote start on a remote key pendant.

Grab handles may be mounted to create easier movability into the vehicle, inside the vehicle or extra support whilst driving.