The Capital Difference: Air Bag Suspension in Your Vehicle

As an integral part of a Capital conversion, we fit your vehicle with VB air suspension. The benefits of this and its integration with Capitals trademark low floor cut is integral to the functionality of Capitals design.

The air suspension allows your vehicle to lower to the ground minimising ramp angles making entry and exiting easy and safe. It also gives the user full control of their suspension, from the handy pre-set functions to full manual adjustment. The “Offroad” mode is one of our customers favourite pre-sets, with the press of a button the suspension will inflate to its maximum height, creating loads of ground clearance for those steep driveways or some soft offroad driving.

The suspension not only provides premium ride comfort, but it also provides premium handling and braking. After a vehicle is converted there must be modifications made to the suspension to accommodate the change in ground clearance. Often this is a poor substitute for the factory springs resulting in poor handling, braking and comfort. With our 4 corner VB air suspension the ride height is constantly maintained as the suspension automatically adjusts with changes in load. This means no matter how much weight is in the vehicle the suspension is never sagging and automatically adjusts to standard ride height resulting in no compromise to handling, braking or ride quality. This includes hitching the caravan on the back, our suspension will simply pump up to standard ride height.

Air bag

Benefits of our VB air suspension:

  • Constant level ride height
  • Fully adjustable
  • No suspension sag
  • Increased comfort
  • Better driveability
  • Uncompromised handling and braking

Want to learn more about the benefits of air bag suspension in your vehicle, contact our friendly staff today