Side Entry vs. Rear Entry Options for Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

This would have to be one of the most commonly asked questions we hear, and the answer is, there’s a shoe to fit every foot.

Both side and rear entry conversions have their pros and cons and depending on your usage, environment and lifestyle, one will be more suitable to your needs, and we are here to help you make the right choice.

Lets start with the basic pros and cons of each vehicle but before we do, lets address one of peoples biggest concerns. Parking!

People make the common mistake of assuming a side entry vehicle will be hard to park and maintain safe and clear access. After multiple field studies we can confirm this is not the case, there are many options when parking a side entry including kerb side where you can drop the ramp directly onto the foot path or nature strip.

Side entry pros

  • Perfect for families
  • Retain the original VW rear seats and boot
  • Towing capacity or 2.5T
  • Kerb parking, entering and exiting
  • Under vehicle cassette lift option manual chair users


  • More manoeuvring required when entering front and second row
  • Smaller enter opening

Rear entry pros

  • Extremely low ramp angles for easy entry and exit
  • Bigger entry opening for taller people
  • No manoeuvring needed to entry drivers position, second or third row


  • Entering and exiting into traffic
  • No boot or standard seating
  • Cannot tow

Both Capitals side and rear entry conversions can be built in multiple floor plans including front row, drive from your power or manual wheelchair.

The options are endless so contact the friendly Capital team to talk all things side and rear entry!